Thalgo Men Shaving Gel 100ml

Thalgo Men Shaving Gel has a citrus, woody aroma and tailor made texture that allows the razor to glide perfectly over your skin. It leaves your skin soft and fresh, while minimising the “heat” build-up in the skin caused by shaving. This creamy shaving gel optimises the blade’s movement ...

EAN: 3525801151609, obchod: The Hut

od 30,07 €

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Thalgo Men Wake-Up Shower Gel 200ml

A true intensive treatment, the Thalgo Men Wake Up Shower Gel is an ultra fresh invigorating ‘stomach-firming’ gel that helps boost microcirculation to break down fat. Leaving your skin immediately tighter, firmer and more toned, the Thalgo Men Wake Up Shower Gel energises and restructures ...

EAN: 3525801624622, obchod: The Hut

od 29,78 €

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Soothe tired and aching legs with Thalgo Frigmince Spray. Working to boost circulation, legs are left feeling light and feeling ultra fresh. Thalgo Frigmince Spray is a cool and refreshing blend of marine enhanced ingredients designed to improve circulation in overworked legs, ankles and ...

EAN: 3525801621386, obchod: The Hut

od 53,95 €

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Complete your cleansing ritual with the rejuvenating Thalgo Super Lift Tonic Lotion. With a delicate floral fragrance this skincare sensation offers a gel-like texture to provide a real toning effect on application. Use the Thalgo Super Lift Tonic Lotion to gently sweep away the last traces ...

EAN: 3525801622666, obchod: The Hut

od 29,75 €

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